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Lexus Hybrid Drive: Intelligently combining a petrol engine with an electric motor.

GS 300h


FROM £31,495.00



The engineering of the GS 300h performance saloon involved a relentless effort to create the most efficient GS ever built. Powered by our innovative and proven Lexus Hybrid Drive, it emits below 110g/km of CO2 and almost zero harmful particles.

Meanwhile the tranquil, beautifully crafted cabin of the GS will keep you relaxed, even on the longest journeys. The GS 300h range starts from £31,495.



Driving the GS 300h - The Highlights


The new GS 300h delivers smooth and sophisticated Full Hybrid performance, yet emits just 109 g/km* of CO2 and achieves an impressive 60.1 mpg. With EV (Electric Vehicle) mode for near silent progress using electric power alone, and a choice of up to four further different driving modes, you can tailor the performance of the GS 300h to suit your requirements.

With greater chassis rigidity and redesigned, lighter weight suspension allied to Electric Power Steering, the new GS 300h provides precise and assured handling. Aerodynamically crafted for outstanding stability and exceptionally low wind noise, the car’s advanced dynamic control systems unobtrusively support the driver if necessary.

An ergonomically designed cockpit, with clearly defined display and operation zones, is focused on the driver’s needs. There is no need to change posture or make extensive eye movements to control or operate various vehicle systems whilst at the wheel. With a comfortable and spacious cabin, passengers are sure to enjoy the experience too.

* For SE model.

Inside the GS 300h - The Highlights


The roomy interior of the GS 300h is packed with luxurious design and technological breakthroughs which take driving and passenger pleasure to new levels. Strikingly crafted detail – such as the precision LED analogue clock – sits in absolute harmony with the very latest innovations like the 12.3-inch full-colour LED screen: one of the widest multimedia displays available today.

Powerful, yet energy efficient, intelligent 3-zone S-Flow only controls the climate of occupied seats. Another breakthrough technology, nanoe® deodorises upholstery and moisturises your skin. The GS 300h is also the perfect place to enjoy a peerless Mark Levinson® live concert experience. And with generous boot space, the refined and economic new GS 300h is a compelling choice.

Safety in the GS 300h - The Highlights


Safety in the GS is taken very seriously – a raft of occupant protection, impact avoidance and driver aid technologies are on hand to ensure a safe journey each time you drive. The dynamic control systems that deliver the most confident drive are also there to provide an assured drive whatever the conditions. Leading edge innovations like Lexus Night View, which displays an enhanced view of the road ahead on the multi-display screen and Blind Spot Monitor, which alerts you to traffic in the adjacent lane are just two of the clever safety ideas that are packed into this car.

Ten airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners help to protect the people inside the car and our Advanced Pre-Crash Safety system is there not only to warn of potential hazards, but to take evasive action too if necessary. The Head-Up Display, which projects key information such as speed onto the windscreen, and the Driver Monitoring System which can tell if the driver is not looking at the road are there to help the driver keep their eyes on the road at all times. Intelligent lighting that swivels into corners to illuminate more of the road ahead helps keep the driver aware of all surroundings and enjoy the drive with confidence.

Dashboard and console


The impressively wide sweep of the dashboard houses the crystal clear optitron instrumentation, a beautifully designed precision LED analogue clock and the largest multimedia display currently offered by Lexus. At 12.3-inches wide, this commanding full-colour split-screen can easily accommodate two types of information – navigation and audio, for example – and is superb for watching DVDs on the larger high-resolution screen. A Head-Up Display that projects key information, such as speed, onto the bottom of the windscreen completes the line up of innovations designed to reduce eye-movement and keep you focussed on the road ahead.

From the beautiful leather and bamboo trimmed steering wheel (a world first) to the immaculate upholstery stitching, pure craftsmanship is evident throughout. Remote Touch enables intuitive operation of many vehicle systems on the standard 8-inch or optional 12.3-inch display. Steering wheel switches and voice command also let the driver control equipment, such as audio or phone, without removing either hand from the wheel. In summary, a beautiful and intuitive mix of the very latest technology with exquisitely detailed design.

Hybrid power


In 2004, Lexus became the first premium carmaker to perfect Full Hybrid Technology. Since then, over 650,000 Lexus hybrid car models have been sold. Specified with second generation Lexus Hybrid Drive, the GS 300h delivers refined power with outstanding fuel efficiency and exceptionally low emissions – zero when in EV (Electric Vehicle) mode.

The GS 300h not only emits no CO2 or NOx in EV mode, it also consumes no fuel and is virtually silent. Full Hybrid technology seamlessly combines a 2.5-litre, 4-cylinder Atkinson Cycle petrol engine with a high-output electric motor that is powered by a nickel-metal hydride battery. The Power Control Unit (PCU) constantly optimises the allocation of power resources – electric, petrol or a combination of both. The PCU also ensures the hybrid battery is recharged as necessary, either by allocating engine power to drive the generator or through regenerative braking. As a result, the battery never requires external charging.

Sophisticated Full Hybrid know-how from Lexus ensures the GS 300h develops 223 DIN hp, while combined fuel consumption is 60.1 mpg* and CO2 emissions are only 109 g/km*. With 0 - 62 mph in 9.2 seconds the GS 300h is an exceptionally economic all-round performer.

The Power of h.

* For the SE model

Occupant protection


As well as the sophisticated suite of advanced impact avoidance technologies, the GS is also equipped with driver and passenger protection, just in case. The car’s immensely strong passenger safety cell is made of very light, yet exceptionally strong, high-tensile steel. Crumple zones front and rear, side protection measures and the structure of the safety cell are designed to absorb and disperse impact energy before it reaches the cabin.

The GS has ten airbags, protecting the driver and the passengers. In the front, sensor-controlled two-stage airbags register the intensity of an impact plus the position of the seat and deploy accordingly. Knee airbags for both front seats provide additional protection and curtain shield airbags run the entire length of each side of the interior. Side airbags, front and rear, complete the comprehensive protective shield.

Mark Levinson® Premium Audio


Mark Levinson® is one of the most sought-after high-end audio equipment makers in the world. Since 1972, their reputation for pure musical reproduction has been legendary as has the uncanny ability of their systems to reproduce audio subtleties and nuances with nothing added and nothing taken away from the original performance. Mark Levinson himself built the stage mixer used at Woodstock in 1968 and has since been credited as the founder of the high-end audio industry.

Despite approaches from several luxury car manufacturers, we are the only one featuring ultra-high quality Mark Levinson® equipment. As Lexus cars are scientifically engineered to provide a highly refined and quiet ride, they provide the perfect acoustic opportunity for a ‘concert hall in a car’ experience. The Mark Levinson® system in each Lexus model is painstakingly optimised, components adjusted, speakers positioned and tuning applied to address its unique acoustic environment.

Over 2,000 hours were spent optimising the design and positioning of the Mark Levinson® speakers in the GS. With 7.1-channel digital surround sound you experience a true live concert experience when listening to music and watching DVDs; beautifully consistent and with a whole new level of definition. Producing a total of 835 Watts it only consumes a quarter of the power of its predecessor thanks to GreenEdge™ technology in each speaker, which produces twice the sound for the same energy. For your convenience, there is also a USB port, an AUX socket and two 12V power sockets.

Four drive modes


The GS offers up to four different modes of drive, controlled by Drive Mode Select on the central console. These distinct driving experiences can be chosen according to traffic and road conditions or the driver’s mood: from serene and relaxed to dynamic and sporty, from maximum efficiency to maximum excitement. The colours on the instrument panel change from calming blue to an active red, depending on the mode chosen.

In Eco mode, powertrain adjustments are made to reduce emissions and conserve fuel, while still ensuring relaxed driving. The electronic climate control and heated seats are also intelligently controlled to optimise fuel efficiency. Normal mode provides everyday driving comfort – striking an ideal balance between economy and ride comfort. Sport S mode immediately re-tunes throttle responsiveness for rapid acceleration. And with Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) specified, SPORT S+ intelligently adjusts power output and AVS for engaging performance.

The GS 300h also has an additional mode exclusive to Full Hybrid technology: EV (Electric Vehicle). In this mode - which can operate up to speeds of 40 mph over shorter distances - the high-output electric motor powers the car alone, almost silently and uses no petrol, therefore producing zero emissions.



A bold new approach to the GS allowed us to incorporate intelligent airflow management into the design: from the closable vents in the dramatic front spindle grille to the fins on the rear lights, each aerodynamic touch is engineered to increase driving stability and contributes towards the car’s outstanding high speed stability.

We employed a concept called ‘aerodynamic damping’ which moves the airflow closer to the car’s body to enhance handling. The flow is smoothed in and around the wheel arches and air pressure is then reduced in the arch itself – this gives a better steering response, creates a flatter ride and enhances road holding. The GS offers an energetic and dynamic drive with a drag coefficient of just 0.26*.

*For SE model.

Advanced safety


First seen on the Lexus LS flagship sedan, our award-winning Advanced Pre-Crash Safety with Driver Monitoring and Lane Keeping Assist is now available as an option pack on the GS. Pioneered by Lexus, Advanced Pre-Crash uses millimetre-wave radar and an on-board computer to calculate collision risk ahead. If the risk is high, the driver is alerted by audible/visual warnings and brake pressure is increased. Where a collision is unavoidable, the brakes may be applied automatically and the front seatbelts tightened. The same radar technology is used by Adaptive Cruise Control to maintain a pre-selected distance behind the car ahead.

Should you tire or get distracted while driving, the Driver Monitoring System will detect if your eyes are shut or are averted from the road ahead. Warnings are then activated as appropriate. Additionally, Lane Keeping Assist helps prevent the driver from inadvertently drifting out of lane, by way of an audio warning and the automatic application of a brief corrective steering force.

Finally, to help you focus on driving, Head-Up Display projects key vehicle data onto the windscreen, while Blind Spot Monitor uses radar to detect – and warn of - unnoticed overtaking vehicles. Rear Cross Traffic Alert can also alert you to vehicles approaching the difficult-to-see area behind the GS. And, in the dark, Lexus Night View displays enhanced infrared images of the road ahead on the 12.3-inch screen.

Interior comfort


The interior of the GS is as generous as it is quiet, with plenty of room to accommodate up to five people, plus their luggage, in complete comfort. The sophisticated air conditioning system only provides climate control to seats that are occupied thanks to energy-efficient intelligent S-Flow technology. Its breakthrough nanoe® technology not only purifies the air and deodorises the seats and upholstery, but it also moisturises the skin as the moisture content of nanoe® ions is 1,000 times that of conventional ions.

The sumptuous driver seat was over five years in the making, resulting in 18-way electric adjustments for personalised and complete comfort. It features a lower hip point, keeping you closer to the car’s centre of gravity for a more pleasurable drive. The driver seat has an electrically extending seat cushion, whilst the front passenger benefits from an extendable calf support, making the GS luxuriously relaxing. Ambient LED lighting welcomes you as you approach and enter the car and soft tactile finishes round off the feeling of premium comfort.

Dynamic control


We have developed a technology called Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) which intelligently combines the powertrain and electronic dynamic control systems. Put simply: it provides assured control to help you negotiate the most demanding situations safely and with confidence.

VDIM networks the various braking, traction, stability and suspension systems applying them together, rather than independently, to ensure optimum dynamic performance. If you are accelerating on a slippery surface or braking on a surface with unequal grip, for example, its sensors anticipate an imbalance and optimise traction and steering control to apply corrective measures and maintain a balanced trajectory. This results in a level of driving performance that simply is not possible if each system is operated independently and is an important contribution to the car’s safety.

Intelligent lighting


Full Light Emitting Diode (LED) headlights are not only beautiful, they are also clever. The Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) can swivel the headlight beams into bends as you drive into them, illuminating more of the road ahead. And Automatic High Beam (AHB) monitors light levels at night and will automatically switch to low beam when oncoming headlights, or the rear lights of vehicles ahead, are detected.

The GS is now optionally available with full LED headlights, specified with AFS and AHB. Jewel-like headlights packed with technological innovation.

To light your exit, the GS's low-beam headlights and puddle lights can be activated to remain on for 30,60, 90 or 120 seconds.

Upholstery & inlay choice


An attractive interior colour scheme with a versatile palette, offers a variety of personalisation options. The dashboard, floor and steering wheel are uniformly black to create a sporting, luxurious feel. With leather upholstery specified, intricate stitching in matching or contrasting colour accentuates the premium ambience of the interior. Upholstery choices range from high quality, durable fabric to elegant and supple semi-aniline leather in a number of different colours. For the inlays, black gloss is specified as standard, except for F SPORT and Luxury models. The former features contemporary aluminium, whilst the latter offers a choice of fine wood finishes – ebony, walnut or bamboo, with the option to specify a matching leather and wood trimmed steering wheel.

Luggage space


The boot space in the new GS 300h is generous for a Full Hybrid, thanks to the intelligent design of the rear multi-link suspension and the clever positioning of the compact hybrid battery. It has a load carrying capacity of 451 litres which can comfortably transport five people’s luggage or easily accommodate 3 sets of golf clubs.

System control


Remote Touch makes the operation of many of the advanced features in your Lexus really simple, convenient and intuitive. Naturally positioned between the front seats, it’s as easy to use as a computer mouse and allows control of the systems on the multi-display screen without distracting the driver from the road. Also, as more innovation and technology is added to each Lexus, the award-winning Remote Touch makes it simpler to get the most out of each one

Designed using haptic technology, the Remote Touch ‘mouse’ uses subtle movement to give tactile feedback to the user, meaning the driver doesn’t have to take their eyes off the road to look at the controls. For example, when the pointer/cursor is close to an on-screen selection option, such as for Lexus Premium Navigation, electronic climate control or the sound system, you can feel the controller being gently drawn towards it.



The new suspension technology is designed to increase ride comfort and confidence and, coupled with a new, stiffer chassis, makes for a more dynamic and pleasurable drive. Featuring forged aluminium components, the double wishbone front suspension is now lighter and more responsive.

Straight-line and cornering stability are significantly enhanced by geometry and layout revisions to the multi-link rear suspension. A combination of high-tensile steel, die-cast and forged aluminium components reduce weight yet increase strength and precision.


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The GS F SPORT models feature aggressive F SPORT styling and 19-inch alloys with extra powerful brakes. Developed at the Nürburgring, by the team that perfected our LFA V10 supercar, the GS F SPORT provides an incredibly exciting and precise drive. Assertive front-end styling, with a bold spindle grille – that integrates upper and lower honeycomb sections – creates an unmistakeably dynamic look.

The cockpit features a 16-way, electrically adjustable sports driver’s seat; aluminium pedals, inlay panels and scuff plates; with the steering wheel and gearshift finished in perforated leather.



GS 300h SE

  • 2 Zone climate control
  • 12-speaker audio system with DVD player, DAB and Bluetooth
  • Parking sensors & rear camera
  • 17" alloy wheels 9-spoke (225/50R17)

FROM £31,495.00



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