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Lexus Hybrid Drive: Intelligently combining a petrol engine with an electric motor.


The LS 600h L is equipped with advanced technology to provide an 'Omotenashi' (the Japanese spirit of hospitality) welcome. As you approach with the electronic smart key, guiding lights on the wing mirrors and the LED clock are activated automatically. Once seated, press the start button and you’ll find that the LS 600h L delivers breathtaking performance, yet is amazingly efficient for its size.

Comprising a 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine and an electric motor, this latest Lexus Hybrid Drive delivers 445 DIN hp of refined power using permanent All-Wheel Drive. The LS 600h L range starts from £100.695.



Driving the LS 600h L - The Highlights


The new LS 600h L delivers breathtaking performance, yet is amazingly efficient for a large, prestigious car. Comprising a 5.0-litre V8 petrol and a 224 DIN hp electric motor, this latest Lexus Hybrid Drive delivers 445 DIN hp of incredibly refined power using permanent All-Wheel Drive. Behind the wheel you’ll enjoy rapid acceleration, with CO2 emissions of just 199 g/km. Or switch to Electric Vehicle mode for a near-silent drive and zero emissions (at point of driving, dependant on speed, distance and conditions). Drive Mode Select allows you to choose between ECO, NORMAL, COMFORT, SPORT S, SPORT S+ or EV (Electric Vehicle) mode for a near-silent drive and zero emissions.

Inside the LS 600h L - The Highlights


For driver and passengers, the new LS is an incredible car to travel, relax or work in. Even on the longest journeys. The sumptuous leather driver’s seat has 16-way electric adjustments (the front passenger's has up to 12) -and upholstery that is now 15% thicker. A new ergonomic pelvic function delivers exceptional comfort, calf support is now available for the front passenger’s seat. Quality is overseen by ‘Takumi’ master craftspeople in our award-winning Tahara plant: witness the beautiful stitching detail on the leather dashboard and precision-machined aluminium controls of the audio system. For the ultimate in refinement, the steering wheel and dashboard ornamentation are available in a new ‘Shimamoku’ veneer (black/grey striped wood) that involves 67 manufacturing steps over the course of 38 days.

For those who wish to be chauffeured, the LS 600h L long wheelbase model is also equipped with a reclining relaxation seat with footrest. Eight air pockets perform ‘Shiatsu’ shoulder and back massages.

Safety in the LS 600h L - The Highlights


The new LS delivers peerless safety performance, day and night, thanks to breakthrough technologies like Advanced Pre-Crash Safety (A-PCS). Available for the first time on a Lexus, our latest A-PCS is the most advanced system in the industry today and can even detect errant pedestrians. Driver Monitoring is fitted too and will warn you if you are becoming tired, while Lane Keeping Assist stops you drifting out of lane. Blind Spot Monitor uses radar to warn you of unnoticed vehicles when changing lanes, and Rear Pre-Crash activates headrests to reduce whiplash in a back end collision. For safer driving in the dark, optional Lexus Night View displays infrared images of the road ahead on the 12.3-inch screen. Finally, Adaptive High Beam System (AHS) – a Lexus first – activates shutters within the headlamps to partially shield illumination that may dazzle oncoming drivers.

Eleven airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners help to protect the people inside the car and our Advanced Pre-Crash Safety system is there not only to warn of potential hazards, but to aid with evasive action too, if necessary.

Adaptive cruise control


Adaptive Cruise Control is supplied with our Pre-Crash Safety system as it uses the same millimetre-wave radar system. Just like a conventional cruise control system, it maintains a pre-set speed for the car; however, thanks to the radar, it can detect a slower moving vehicle ahead. The system then reduces speed accordingly by easing off the throttle or applying the brakes.

You can set a specific following distance between you and the car ahead and the system will maintain it by matching the speed of the vehicle in front. Once the road is clear again, Adaptive Cruise Control smoothly resumes your original cruising speed (0-170km/).

Occupant protection


Lexus does all it can to prevent accidents by incorporating advanced impact-avoiding technology (although this is never a substitute for careful driving). Every effort has also been made to protect the driver and each passenger from all sides should the worst happen. Indeed, the safety measures built into the LS more than surpass all worldwide requirements.

All occupants are protected by eleven airbags - including dual-stage driver/front passenger airbags and knee airbags. The front passenger also receives further safeguard against injury from an innovative twin chamber airbag, designed to cradle the delicate facial areas. Including a revolutionary rear seat cushion airbag. Unique to this class of vehicle, it inflates the front of the seat base to prevent the passenger sliding forward.

In addition, a unique head restraint and seat back design decreases neck movement - reducing the chance of whiplash injury. In the event of an imminent impact (as detected by rear millimetre-wave radar installed in the rear bumper), the front headrests actually move upwards and forwards to provide extra support and cushion the head thereby reducing the risk of whiplash.

Dashboard and console


Equipped with the world’s most advanced technology, the LS provides an amazing ‘Omotenashi’ (the Japanese spirit of hospitality) welcome. As you approach, with the electronic smart key in your pocket or handbag, lights in the door mirrors and LED analogue clock (with a GPS function that cleverly adjusts itself to the local time zone) are activated and begin a sophisticated greeting. Once seated, press the start button and a beautiful animation commences on the central display, while champagne-coloured light flows gently along the dashboard. However, this is only the beginning. Inside, you can relax to 19-speaker Mark Levinson® audio, or watch a DVD or Blu-ray® disc on a 9-inch rear centre monitor.

The driver’s seat of the new LS is an amazing place to be. Your first point of contact is the beautifully crafted steering wheel and gearshift finished in aluminium. Perfectly positioned for a relaxing drive, the 12.3-inch multi media screen, the widest on the market positioned for easy, at-a-glance viewing can be operated by voice or Remote Touch. Its split-screen capability allows you to simultaneously access information, such as map/audio or optional Lexus Night View. It also shows images from a rear-view camera for trouble-free reversing.

Intelligent lighting


Our Adaptive High Beam System uses a light-sensing camera to detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles and tail lights of those ahead, automatically shading part of the light beam with shutters so as not to dazzle drivers ahead.

Interior comfort


Inside, the new LS offers unmatched refinement. For ease of entry, the driver’s seat also automatically slides back and the steering wheel retracts. Multi-adjustable rear seats with lumbar massage function and butterfly headrests are standard. The rear centre armrest features an LCD display to set the rear climate zone, control the audio and operate the rear blind.

‘Climate Concierge’ is yet another Lexus world first innovation on the new LS 600h. Constantly monitoring temperatures inside and outside the car, this integrated system automatically adjusts cabin, seat and steering wheel temperatures. The Climate Concierge features infrared sensors tracking the body temperature of the rear seat passengers, adjusting air conditioning and seat heating/cooling accordingly. Award-winning Lexus nanoe® technology also releases microscopic, negatively charged ions to freshen cabin air and moisturise your hair and skin.

The LS 600h L has a relaxation seat that reclines by up to 45 degrees, with extending thigh and footrest. The seat back incorporates eight air pockets that perform ‘Shiatsu’ acupressure massages – all activated by remote control.

All-Wheel Drive


The remarkable balance and agility of the LS is a result of masterful automotive design. But the sense of connectivity the driver feels with this inspiring saloon is in part due to its lightweight, aluminium, multi-link air suspension – both front and rear. This is combined with high performance, pneumatic shock absorbers to provide exceptional handling and ride comfort. Adaptive Variable Suspension enables the driver to fine-tune handling characteristics using Drive Mode Select. To drive the LS is to experience a flawless fluidity and feeling of total control.

Dynamic control


Driving the new LS you’ll enjoy a profound sense of connectedness to a car that is both beautifully balanced and exceedingly dynamic. Its incredibly rigid chassis (built using new laser screw welding and aerospace-inspired adhesive technology) combines with air suspension to provide exceptionally precise handling and ride comfort. State-of-the-art Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management is fitted as standard, while Variable Gear Ratio Steering adjusts in line with your speed. In an emergency this will adjust automatically to help you to steer away from danger.



The LS has class-leading aerodynamics, thanks to details like a near-flat underbody and tiny winglets on the front door pillar and rear lights. First seen on F1 racing cars, these winglets create air vortices that help pull the airstreams inwards to improve the way the LS cuts through the air. This not only enhances stability and handling, but also improves fuel efficiency and reduces wind noise.

Every effort has been made to prevent wind from entering the car too. High specification laminated glass, window frame mouldings and tight seals provide superb insulation. This has the added benefit of reducing sound intrusion, so that the occupants can enjoy a more peaceful journey. It’s this consummate blend of exciting exterior with calm interior that makes the LS a car that’s an absolute pleasure to drive.

Impact avoidance


Available for the first time on a Lexus, our latest Advanced Pre-Crash Safety (A-PCS) is the most advanced system in the industry today and can even detect errant pedestrians. A computer uses data from millimetre-wave radar, a stereo camera and infrared projectors in the headlights to constantly calculate collision risk ahead. If the risk is high, the driver is alerted and brake pressure is increased. Where a collision is unavoidable at speeds up to 40 km/h, the brakes are applied automatically to bring the car to a stop and the front seatbelts are tightened.

Mark Levinson® Premium Audio


Among the world’s finest in-car entertainment systems, a peerless 19-speaker Mark Levinson® Reference Surround system comes as standard on all LS 600h models. With it, passengers enjoy perfect 7.1-channel surround sound. Bluetooth® mobile phone connectivity, an auxiliary input, USB port for use with iPhones® or media players are also fitted.

Mark Levinson® Premium Audio is one of the most sought-after high-end audio equipment makers in the world. Since 1972, their reputation for pure musical reproduction has been legendary as has their systems’ uncanny ability to reproduce audio subtleties and nuances with nothing added and nothing taken away from the original performance. Mark Levinson himself built the stage mixer used at Woodstock in 1968 and has since been credited as the founder of the high-end audio industry.

Despite approaches from several luxury car manufacturers, we are the only one featuring Mark Levinson’s ultra-high quality equipment. As Lexus cars are scientifically engineered to provide a highly refined and quiet ride, they provide the perfect acoustic opportunity for a ‘concert hall in a car’ experience. The Mark Levinson system in each Lexus model is painstakingly optimised, components adjusted, speakers positioned and tuning applied to address its unique acoustic environment.

Upholstery & inlay choice


You can customise the finely crafted interior of the LS to your own individual choice. There are five leather upholstery options – Black, Mellow White, Topaz Brown, Light Grey or Ivory. There’s also a choice of distinctive inlay designs: brown ash burl wood (matt finish), dark brown walnut wood and black/grey wood (Shimamoku).

Hybrid power


The LS 600h L benefits from over a decade of leadership in hybrid technology to offer breathtaking performance. Its innovative Lexus Hybrid Drive intelligently marries a precision-engineered, 5-litre direct injection V8 petrol engine with a high output electric motor to produce stunning results. With a combined power output of 445 DIN hp, acceleration reaches 0 – 62mph in only 6.1 seconds and is utterly seamless. Fuel consumption has been reduced considerably to 8.6 l/100 km. And CO2 emissions are just 199 g/km – far below what might be expected from a car of this class. In addition, the LS 600h L can also be switched to ECO mode – re-tuning the throttle and onboard climate control to conserve fuel and reduce emissions even further.

The ‘brain’ of the LS is an advanced Power Control Unit (PCU), which oversees the energy management of this unique, full hybrid engine. When in Electric Vehicle (EV) mode, the car produces zero CO2or NOx emissions, will use no petrol and is almost completely silent. The PCU defaults to this mode when you first switch on the engine or are proceeding at low speed. But as you speed up, the petrol engine seamlessly kicks in and the two power sources work in harmony. At faster speeds, the powerful electric motor is used to provide a smooth and instant surge of torque when accelerating. The compact, hybrid battery never needs to be re-charged as kinetic energy is harnessed when braking or decelerating. This is then converted for storage in the battery.

The LS benefits from a permanent All Wheel Drive system that provides enhanced traction to cope with even the most demanding driving conditions. Its Hybrid Drive transmission houses an electric motor, generator, power split planetary gear mechanism and motor-speed reduction gearing in one, lightweight compact casing, no bigger than a conventional automatic gearbox.

All in all, the LS 600h L is a technological achievement that could only have come from the peerless automotive ingenuity of Lexus.


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LS 600h L Premier

  • 4-zone climate control, including climate concierge
  • Adaptive Cruise control
  • Semi-aniline leather upholstery with front seat heaters and ventilation
  • Lexus Premium Navigation system with Dynamic Route Guidance and Bluetooth with 12.3-inch Multimedia Screen
  • 19-Speaker Mark Levinson audio system , DAB, FM/AM tuner, DVD player, RDS, Bluetooth, USB and AUX connection
  • 19" Alloy wheels 15-spoke (245/45 R19 8J)
  • Sunroof

FROM £100,695.00



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