We recently caught up with pioneering daughter of the Roux dynasty, Emily Roux and her partner, Diego, for an insightful chat about the pressure of expectation, culinary craft and driving the all new UX.

It can be quite a daunting task setting up on your own. Especially when you’re the youngest chef in the famous Roux family and the eyes of the restaurant world are on you. But that’s exactly what Emily and Diego have done.

We find them at their new restaurant, Caractère, in the heart of Notting Hill, where they’ve fused their classical training and influences to create a casual and contemporary spin on the fine dining experience.

Notting Hill also provides the perfect location for Emily and Diego to enjoy their Lexus UX, compact SUV. With a self-charging hybrid engine, offering low emissions and outstanding fuel economy, it’s built for the city.

To give Lexus customers a chance to get involved in the film, we asked them what subjects they’d most like to hear Emily talk about. The most popular subject, by far, was sustainability.

Along with sustainability, Emily and Diego share their passion for simple but beautifully crafted food, what drives them forward and their plans for the future.
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