the lexus lx has been refreshed and revamped. bigger and bolder, the brand’s iconic flagship suv remains one of the few luxury utility vehicles that is able to combine urban comfort with serious off-road credentials

The Lexus LX emerges from the mist at dawn in Japan’s mountainous Gunma Prefecture. The brand’s iconic SUV has been completely restyled. The rear, for example, now features new wraparound taillights and an evolved rear bumper. A new standard-issue panoramic-view camera provides images of the surrounding terrain, which is extremely handy when hitching or maneuvering a trailer.
The LX is powered by the largest engine ever fitted to a Lexus; the formidable 5.7-liter V-8 engine produces 377 PS. The V-8 cylinder block is die-cast in a lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy.
Lexus LX 570
Length 5,065mm
Height 1,910mm
Width 1,980mm
Wheelbase 2850mm
Seating Capacity 8
Driven Wheels AWD
Engine Type 3UR-FE
Cylinders 8
Engine Output 227kW / 377PS
Torque 534Nm / 3,200rpm
Transmission 8 Super ECT
Suspension Front: Double Wishbone, Rear: Trailing Link
Tire 275 / 50R21
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