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Lexus’ design ambition was to create a car that is more relaxed than formal in character, displaying an authentic, effortless style that people will instantly feel a connection with. The most significant aspect of the design is a new frontal arrangement that “breaks” the spindle grille – a design hallmark for the past decade – leading Lexus into a new era. 

The seamless, frameless grille generates the lines of the LBX’s spindle body, contributing to the car’s strong, dynamic stance. It is also aerodynamically efficient, helping smooth airflow over and around the car. The new headlight design creates a strong visual signature, with the daytime running lights and turn indicators integrated in bi-functional units. With this new arrangement, the lights’ distinctive L-shape has been changed to face out rather than inwards, to match the direction of each indicator light.

The rear of the car also projects a strong stance. The licence plate has been moved down to the bumper so that the LEXUS lettered signature on the back door is more prominent on the clean expanse of the back door. Similarly, the latest evolution of the Lexus signature L-shaped light bar has greater visual impact, with the turn signal and reversing lamps having a subdued presence when not illuminated.

The low-slung bonnet, belt mouldings flush with the body, a gate-style rear roof spoiler and precise light cluster designs enhance aerodynamic performance and contribute to the LBX’s efficiency, stability and responsive performance. The exterior colour choices include vivid shades and Lexus’ deep-lustre sonic finishes. Versions based on the Emotion and Cool atmospheres are specified with bi-tone paintwork, combining any colour option with a contrast black roof.


Lexus designers sought to create a simple and refined interior that creates the feel and atmosphere of a higher segment model. This effect is founded on three key elements: good visibility with an open view out and a simple, smooth instrument panel; the sense of wide interior space; and a centre console with a commanding presence.

The premium quality and attention to detail is witnessed in a choice of upholsteries and trims with strong visual and tactile appeal. As well as top-quality semi-aniline leather, the options include a vegan-friendly interior that uses synthetic leather and materials for the seat coverings and steering wheel, shift lever and door trims. The LBX also features new Tsuyusami charcoal trim inlays, created using a new film technique that uses multiple layers to give a highly textured appearance with a sense of depth. Ambient lighting adds to the Omotenashi effect of people being made welcome and feeling completely at home in the vehicle. Highlighting different parts of the cabin, the lighting design provides a range of 50 colour options, curated in themes that evoke different moods.

The driver’s cockpit is an interpretation of Lexus’ Tazuna concept, first introduced on the NX mid-size SUV. This positions principal controls and information sources immediately around the driver, so their operation only requires minimal movements of hand or eye. This helps keep the driver focused on the task of driving, with least distraction. The position and angle of the steering wheel were precisely calculated to give the driver a rewarding sense of control.

To help maintain a wide, clear view, the horizontal instrument panel has a clean and simple design. At each side, its form flows into the door panel, giving a sense of wrapping around the front seat occupants, so the feel is expansive yet encompassing. The continuous line created by this design also helps the driver sense the degree of vehicle roll when driving through bends. A low hip-point adds to the driver’s sense of being at one with their car, while ample front knee-space is provided. To ensure a good view out for everyone on board, the rear seats are set slightly higher than those at the front.

The load compartment offers up to 332 litres (FWD models with rear seats in place) of space – room enough for two 75-litre cases to be carried beneath the folding tonneau cover.