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A Day in the Life of the All-New All-Electric RZ

The Drive is Everything.

A Day in the Life of the All-New All-Electric Lexus RZ - The Drive is Everything.

by Jacob Rozycki, Business Centre Manager at Lexus Sheffield

"I decided to experience the All-New -All-Electric RZ450e in the beautiful Ladybower Reservoir in the Upper Derwent Valley, at the heart of the Peak District National Park. 

Firstly, the driving experience is fantastic. The EV range is almost as it is shown on a dashboard. My actual mileage was 182 miles and the range used shown on the dashboard was 190 miles – VERY IMPRESSIVE. Also, Lexus UK states EV consumption at 3.4 miles/kW. I’ve acquired 3 miles/kW driving within the speed limits, quickly accelerating from time to time, which is a great result. It is great news for the customer, as they can be assured that what is advertised by Lexus UK is close to the genuine electric range of the car.

The autonomous parking feature in Takumi is marvellous. Just drive past the parking space you want to park and follow the instructions on the screen. Car will do all the work. There is no need to use a brake/acceleration pedal or change the gear – the car will do it for you!

Aerodynamics – Sunday was a windy day in the Peak District with a lot of crosswinds. Despite this fact, RZ’s driving experience was unfazed. Stable, quiet, and pleasant drive. Great benefit for the customers concerned about the stability of the car during the high winds. UX250h on the same roads and similar weather conditions was pushed sideways.

AWD Direct4 – Fantastic drivetrain from Lexus. The grip on the road is maintained in every condition and situation. Road curves, straight roads, wet roads. The car is stable and confident to drive.

Cost – charging from 20%-82% took 1h 34 mins on a 50kWh rapid charger (BP Pulse in Buxton SK17 6BY) @ 79p/kW rate. (Cost varies from 63p/kW to 79p/kW)

38.20 kWh was charged, which cost me £30.18

  • EV Battery (%)
    Range (miles)
    *AC turned on
  • Time (mins)
    Charge added (kWh)
    Rate (p/kWh)
    Cost of Charge (£)
Why not take advantage of our extended test drives and experience the All-New RZ on a longer journey.  The Drive is Everything.