1. Servicing and Maintenance
  2. Service, MOT & Hybrid Health Check

Lexus Servicing

Our Lexus Service Pricing covers all the services required on your Lexus during the course of its life. The price includes any labour required, genuine parts and VAT. With transparency in mind, you’ll pay exactly the same competitive price at any participating Lexus Centre on vehicles of all ages. Prices start from £150​ on certain models.

Vehicle Health Check Included

A vehicle Health Check is included in all services. This includes a technician testing your entire Hybrid or electric system and then providing you with a written report. For eligible vehicles, the Vehicle Health Check provides a one year 10,000 mile warranty on the Hybrid or Electric Battery.

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After the 3 year manufacturer warranty has expired you can receive an additional 12 month /10,000 mile warranty every time you service your car with Lexus, until your car is 10 years old or 100,000 miles.

*Terms and Conditions apply.


Spread the cost of your service with our inflation proof service plans. Keep your Lexus in great condition and spread the cost over monthly payments. Buy your personalised plan in a few simple steps and give yourself peace of mind.

Hybrid Health Check

Get the most from your Lexus Hybrid vehicle with an annual Hybrid Health Check. An annual Hybrid Health Check is free of charge as part of any Lexus Service. If your service isn’t due for a while, a standalone Hybrid Health check is available for just £59 for your peace of mind.


If your car is over three years old, four years in Northern Ireland, your local Lexus Centre can arrange and carry out an MOT* to ensure it’s roadworthy and complies with safety and environmental requirements.

 *MOT not applicable in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

 Below you'll find a checklist for MOT testers showing the items that need to be inspected during an MOT test for a car or passenger vehicle.


Contact your local Lexus Centre to arrange an MOT check, where our trained technicians know your Lexus better than anyone and will aim to get you certified as quickly as possible.

An MOT check takes approximately one hour. If you choose to wait at your local Lexus Centre, you can be sure that you will experience the highest standards of hospitality while your vehicle is prepared. You also have the option of leaving your vehicle with us for a portion of time, and you can collect it whenever is most convenient for you. If your vehicle requires additional attention, our trained Lexus technicians will keep you updated through your chosen method of communication.

An MOT is a test of whether your car is roadworthy and therefore it does not require specialist knowledge to check the fundamental criteria before your MOT.

If your car fails its MOT check, our priority will be to inform you and rectify the problems as quickly as possible. Your local Lexus Centre is likely to have the necessary parts in stock, but in the unlikely event that we do not, our Same Day Service will ensure that you are not inconvenienced and off the road for long.

An MOT check is an annual legal requirement for all vehicles over 3 years old. This checks whether your vehicle is roadworthy to the essential standard. This is a visual test and does not take anything apart; even your car’s wheels will stay on during this check. It does not mean that your vehicle is running to a high standard necessarily, but only that it is safe to drive for you and other road users.

A service is essential to tell you whether your car is in good condition, get the best performance and to optimize the longevity of your car. A Lexus service is a thorough inspection of your car from every angle including lights, engine, brakes and suspension. With dedicated knowledge of every model in the Lexus range, an inspection by our trained technicians will give you ultimate peace of mind for the road ahead.