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Personal Contract Hire

We provide Personal Contract Hire through KINTO ONE. This is a convenient fixed-cost motoring option if you don’t want to own the car you drive. Budgeting is made easy with affordable rentals and you can include an optional maintenance package to cover routine maintenance costs.

Benefits of Personal Contract Hire

Cost Effective

Pay an initial deposit and then monthly rentals are charged for the remainder of your agreed term. There is an optional maintenance package for complete fixed cost motoring.

Easy way to drive

Subject to fair wear and tear, and as long as you have not exceeded your annual mileage, you simply hand your vehicle back at the end of your agreement. With Personal Contract Hire, you do not have the option of purchasing the vehicle.


Initial Rental Deposit

You pay an initial rental payment which consists of between 1 to 6 monthly rentals up front.

Monthly Rental Payments

Monthly rentals are then charged for the remainder of your term over ranging from 24 - 42 months. Your monthly rentals can include an optional maintenance package.

Hand Back Your Vehicle

At the end of the agreement you can choose to simply hand back the car or alternatively you can upgrade and enter into a new Personal Contract Hire agreement.

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