1. Lexus UK Journeys in Taste

Journeys in Taste

Join us for a sensational Journey In Taste. Meet four chefs whose dedication to their craft perfectly embodies the pioneering spirit and craftsmanship philosophy of Lexus vehicles.


    Episode 6: Soulful taste

    Michelle Bernstein has come a long way. Starting as a ballerina in New York, her dancing career was cut short by injury, side-stepping to become a classically trained chef.


    ePISODE 5: sustainable taste

    Lexus is proud to partner with inspirational Danish cook Nicolai Ellitsgaard whose philosophy of sustainability and curiosity mirrors the approach taken to create the new Lexus UX.


    Episode 4: elevating taste

    The Global Chef-in-residence at Intersect by Lexus in New York, Sergio Barroso, builds on traditional methods to innovate and create new flavours.


    ePISODE 3: pioneering taste

    Miles Thompson’s culinary career has been defined by multiplicity. His many adventures in food are as avant-garde as they are delicious.