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  2. Accident Care


Our dedicated Lexus Accident Care team are available 24 hours and will help locate a convenient Lexus Centre to you, with recovery and delivery arranged if necessary. Call our experts.


Below table is created specifically to highlight the key features that can help you understand the benefits to give you piece of mind should accident happen.

Key Features:

Arrange Roadside recovery:

Recovery of your car, following an accident, to a Lexus approved bodyshop.

Liaise with your insurer and handle on your behalf:

No need to wait on the phone. We will handle this on your behalf.

Arrange a replacement vehicle:

A replacement car to keep you mobile while your Lexus is in for repair.

Use Lexus genuine parts/safety rating protected:

We will only ever use genuine Lexus parts and paint to ensure your Lexus is safe.

Maintains warranty:

With every service at a Lexus Centre, the warranty is extented for a further 7 years, up to the 10th year of registration.

Hassle free:

Accidents are stressful, our aim is to remove this stress by supporting you every step of the way.

Free 24h support:

Cover 24H a day, 365 days a year.

Lexus Approved Bodyshop:

Our trained technicians will ensure your Lexus is repaired to the highest standard possible. You can rest easy knowing your Lexus is safe again.

Any age Lexus vehicle is eligible:

Extra peace of mind, no matter the age of your Lexus.

Frequently asked questions

Lexus Accident Care is available to all Lexus customers in the UK, no matter the age or how you purchased your vehicle.

This service is provided to all Lexus Customers at no charge, and there are no hidden fees. Our role is to efficiently manage the entire claim process on your behalf. In cases where the accident is not your fault, we recover all expenses from the insurance company of the responsible party. Likewise, even if the accident is determined to be your fault there are no additional charges. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, your only expenses may include any uninsured costs, such as the policy excess.

You should contact us immediately after being involved in a vehicle accident, regardless of whether it's your fault or not. Early involvement can help streamline the process and ensure a faster resolution.

After you report the accident to us, we will initiate the process, which typically involves assessing the damage, arranging repairs, providing a replacement vehicle, and dealing with insurance companies on your behalf.

Prioritise safety. Ensure that everyone involved in the accident is safe, and if anyone is injured, call for medical assistance immediately. Exchange information with other parties involved, take photos of the accident scene, and notify the police if necessary. Afterward, contact Lexus Accident Care for guidance.

We provide cover for all types of accident, whether it’s a vehicle collision or a minor incident like a wing mirror knock. With Lexus Accident Care, we ensure a hassle-free process to handle your repairs seamlessly.

We know accidents can be stressful and often frightening. Lexus Accident Care exists to support you from the moment an accident occurs to when you are safely reunited with your Lexus following repair. We are committed to ensuring that your Lexus is repaired to the highest standard to keep you safe should a future accident occur.