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KINTO UK is the Lexus Mobility company. One of its many services is Lexus Contract Hire for business users. KINTO One Contract Hire is a straightforward and low risk option to help keep your VAT registered business on the move.

Benefits of contract hire

Fixed Costs

Affordable fixed monthly rentals to make budgeting easier.

Reclaim VAT

Your business can reclaim 50% VAT on car rentals and 100% VAT on LCV rentals.

Maintenance Options

Optional maintenance packages can be added to your contract to cover the cost of routine maintenance, with 100% VAT reclaimable on maintenance charges.

How It Works


Typically between 1 and 9 monthly rentals upfront.

2. Subsequent Rentals

Once you have set your initial rental and contract mileage, this will determine your monthly payments. Monthly rentals are then charged for the remainder of the agreed term, these payments can include an optional maintenance package.

3. Return Your Vehicle

Once the term of your agreement comes to an end, we will contact you to arrange inspection and collection of the vehicle.

​Get in Touch

To speak to a member of the KINTO sales team call us on 0808 1969 163.