1. Safety


Your safety is our priority. Lexus Safety System + defines a new era in accident prevention, to protect you, your passengers and people in other vehicles and pedestrians from harm.

Lexus Safety System +

Born from decades of innovation and rigorous investigation into the causes of accidents, Lexus Safety System + addresses the three key areas of accident prevention: frontal collisions, unintended lane departures and night-time accidents, through these five innovative systems. It also includes systems to enhance driver situational awareness, thereby potentially reducing the risk of accidents.


PCS detects other vehicles and pedestrians ahead and warns you when there’s a high likelihood of a collision ahead, so you can take evasive action. If the driver is unable to react in time, the system will apply brakes and steering controls to reduce impact damage.


DRCC enables you to travel calmly at a consistent speed while keeping you at a safe distance from the car in front. If your car is about to get too close, it will slow to prevent a collision.


LDA helps you to maintain lane discipline by gently vibrating when the car begins to veer, and sending discreet sound and light notifications to get you smoothly back on track to ensure an even smoother drive on expressways but also in heavy traffic congestion, switch on your dynamic radar cruise control and the Lane Trace Assist will provide uninterrupted steering support to maintain the vehicle in the centre of the lane with minimal swaying even on gentle curves.

Automatic High Beam (AHB)

The AHB system has automatic sensors which switch off the high-beam when another vehicle approaches. This enables you to relax on your night-time drive without dazzling other drivers.


An enhancement of Automatic High Beam, the Adaptive High Beam System uses a camera located on top of the vehicle to detect vehicles ahead and automatically optimizes the headlamp light distribution, meaning you can illuminate the road ahead without blinding preceding or oncoming vehicles. Two-Stage Adaptive High-Beam System is a further enhancement on the Adaptive High Beam System, allowing for greater light beam control.


BladeScan™ is a further refinement of our Adaptive High-Beam System (AHS) and available on selected models. Rather than shining light forwards, the LEDs in each BladeScan module cast light diagonally across two blade-shaped mirrors that rotate at high speed.

The precise synchronisation of the mirror rotation and the switching on and off of the LEDs creates the shading effect; the light is then reflected into a lens which casts the beam on to the road ahead, without the risk of dazzling oncoming traffic or drivers of vehicles ahead.

The result is finer control of the area of illumination in front of the car, allowing greater illumination without dazzling other traffic.


RSA observes every road sign, and transmits the message directly to your car’s display screen. This ensures that you have access to vital highway information on your route.


Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) uses radar sensors, located inside the left and right sides of the of your Lexus’ rear bumper together with the Blind Spot Monitor system to detect and alert you of oncoming traffic – for example when reversing from a parking spot. The additional Auto Brake system will even apply the brakes if necessary. Available on selected models.

The following features are not part of the Lexus Safety System but are part of our overall safety features available:

Pull into every space with confidence. Our parking features protect your vehicle by enhancing your driving perception, notifying you of any obstacles in real-time and boosting brake power when necessary.

Overcome the limits of your peripheral vision. Blind Spot Monitor alerts drivers to any obstacles that may not be visible in rear view mirrors, to give you complete awareness of the space surrounding your car and allow you to manoeuvre with absolute confidence


Introducing our closest step towards a world free of all traffic casualties. Lexus Safety System +A is available exclusively on the Lexus LS and delivers a new calibre of driving assistance. Building on the five pillars of Lexus Safety System +, our most advanced safety system features world-first technology to enhance the pleasure of driving and diminish the dangers.

Pre-Collision System (PCS) with pedestrian alert, active steering assist and front lateral side pre-crash system.

PCS for the Lexus LS has been enhanced with world-first technology to prevent collisions, incorporating Pedestrian Alert, Active Steering Assist and a Front Lateral Side Re-Crash System.

Lexus Codrive

Lexus CoDrive supports your personal driving style. Encompassing Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Road Sign Assist and Front Cross Traffic Alert, the Lexus LS also features new Lane Tracing Assist technology to keep you in lane on every road.


Approach every intersection with assurance. When you advance towards a junction, Front Cross Traffic Alert will assess the flow of traffic and notify you to any vehicles crossing ahead.


Safety features are a cornerstone of the entire Lexus range. Each model is designed with a precise combination of safety enhancements, to complement the smooth performance and personality of the car. Explore the specific safety features for each model, to find the car that will best enhance your driving style.

  • Please note that Pre-Collision System may in some cases not operate properly due to a variety of road conditions, vehicle conditions, weather conditions, operation by the driver or pedestrian/bicycle rider conditions. The driver is solely responsible for safe driving. Please enquire at your local dealer for details on the availability of features.

  • People and obstacles that show in the monitor differ from the actual position and distance. Do not rely completely on the monitor and make sure you check the safety around the vehicle with your own eyes when driving.