Lexus Lease Purchase allows you to defer a proportion of the cost of your car to the end of the agreement meaning at the start there is no minimum deposit required. You choose the term of the agreement to suit your needs (up to a maximum of….) and make fixed monthly payments.


- Keeps your cash flow flexible
- Your initial capital outlay is reduced
- You own the vehicles at the end of the agreement
- Finance charges allowable against tax
- Vehicles are funded as a balance sheet asset
- Write down allowances are claimable
- Monthly payments fixed over an agreed period

How it works

With a Lease Purchase agreement you can benefit from lower monthly payments by deferring repayment of a proportion of the sum borrowed to the end of your agreement.

At the end of your agreement

Once all of the monthly payments have been made and also the final lump sum, ownership of the Lexus will pass to you.