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Find out more about an exciting new driving experience as Lexus announces its first ever Electric Vehicle built from the ground up.



Developed under the ‘Lexus Driving Signature’ philosophy, RZ is the first dedicated Lexus Battery Electric Vehicle. It is designed and engineered to set a new benchmark in terms of premium driving experience, providing the driver with a carefully crafted and intimate connection with their vehicle, characterised by confidence, control and comfort.

Exquisite Design

All-New RZ incorporates all the qualities and advanced craftmanship associated with the Lexus brand.

RZ operates on a dedicated all electric vehicle platform, offering optimised body rigidity, a low centre of gravity and a long wheelbase. All of these features result in a purposeful stance and excellent weight balance. 

The sharp frontal design of the RZ generates a sense of power and movement. A lowered bonnet results in reduced intake openings and increased efficiency. Evolution of the signature Lexus spindle grill distinguishes RZ as a battery electric vehicle, and the spindle design has been applied across the rest of the body. 

New ultra slim headlight units give extra emphasis to the Lexus L-motif of the daytime running lights.

RZ will turn heads on the road with it’s stunning design signature and optional bi-tone colours. 

Striking interior

The RZ cabin offers a light and open space, enhanced by ambient lighting with selectable colours to suit the mood of the journey.

Thoughtfully placed meters, a head-up display*, 14-inch multimedia screen, and battery electric vehicle performance displayed in a clean and minimalistic style enhances convenience, emphasising the spirit of Omotenashi hospitality. 

An optional panoramic roof* reflects infra-red radiation and reduces heat on warm days while helping keep heat inside when the weather is cooler. The roof has an electric dimming function*, instantly switching from transparent to opaque with a simple touch control. 

New radiant heaters* are positioned at knee-level in front of the driver and front passenger, they help speed up the warming of the driver and front passenger, along with the panoramic roof, they help save energy, reducing the load on the air conditioning system.

*Available on selected grades and packs.


In-cabin sounds convey the exhilaration of driving by establishing a dialogue between the car and the driver. Engineers have matched sound frequencies to the vehicle’s speed and sound levels during dynamic actions such as acceleration. The tone and acoustic transmission characteristics of the drivetrain’s sounds were tuned to ensure its pleasantness. Quietness is also pursued to maximise interior cabin comfort.


Ambient illumination offers a rich experience while driving. The recommended 14 pre-set curated moods and up to 64 ‘self select’ colours represent the emotions and feelings experienced when viewing beautiful natural phenomena. In addition, the world’s first In-ei illumination changes the shade of lighting projected on to the door trim ornament when the doors are opened and closed, adding new flair to the interior space. 

One Motion Grip will be available in the first half of 2024

Tazuna Cockpit

RZ adopts the Tazuna Cockpit, inspired by the Japanese definition: small adjustments of the reins a rider uses to control the horse. Due to the precise positioning of controls and displays, there are only small movements required by the driver to operate the vehicle.

We are introducing a One Motion Grip* steer-by-wire system including a steering yoke replacing the traditional steering wheel.

This world first, creates an enhanced relationship between human and machine via electrical signals, not mechanical linkage.

One Motion Grip reduces hand-over-hand turns and blocks out unnecessary vibrations from the tyres and brakes achieving impressive vehicle manoeuvrability and confidence-inspiring performance. 

One Motion Grip will be available in the first half of 2024


DIRECT4, a Lexus-first all-wheel drive force system, and the newly developed high-output eAxle motor continuously control the drive force of the four wheels with high precision. It works according to the ground contact load of the vehicle regardless of road surface and driving conditions to achieve an exhilarating driving experience in line with the driver's intention.  Vital information such as cornering speed and steering angle help to optimise drive force distribution and helps attain excellent handling stability.

Charging & Range

Full performance data will be confirmed later this year, with an impressive indicative range.

Charging your RZ is simple and there are a number of options:

  • Using a 7kW wall box, a full charge is estimated in approximately 10 hours 15 minutes*.
  • DC rapid charger at 150kW it is estimated to reach 80% capacity in approximately 25 minutes*. 

*Charge times are for comparison purposes, may not reflect real-life results, and will be longer in colder weather. See our public charging information for 150kW+ charger locations (not yet available in Northern Ireland).​

Lexus Safety System +

RZ adopts the 3rd Generation Lexus Safety System + which was successfully launched with NX. In addition to the many safety features already included, RZ will incorporate two new features:

Proactive Driving Assist with Steering Assist uses front cameras to foresee oncoming bends in the road where it will determine the angle and adjusting the steering in accordance with the approaching bend and making a turn.

New Driver Monitor which checks for signs of fatigue or distraction displayed by the driver.


Six exterior colours are available, including Aether Metallic which evoked the nimble driving performance of BEV’s, and Sonic Copper, Lexus’ newest metallic texture. An available bi-tone colour scheme lays solid black from the front of the spindle body to the upper bonnet and roof. The livery provides a modern vide that underscores RZ’s spindle body. ​
* Vehicle displayed is not representative of UK specification. UK spec may vary.


Each new car is covered by up to 10 years’ / 100,000 miles (whichever comes first) Lexus warranty with an initial 3 year/ 60,000 mile manufacturer warranty, and up to an additional 7 year service activated Lexus Warranty. Terms and Conditions apply.


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