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Get to know the sophisticated SUV that's made for a life of luxury.


Bold and emphatic lines give way to a world of unparalleled comfort, space and luxury. You simply won't find this level of finish in any ordinary SUV. Equipped with our latest Full Hybrid technology you can configure the RX to meet your exact requirements. Also available as the seven-seat RX L.


    2018 lexus rx 450h key features
  • Flexible space

    A large, spacious cabin with boot space generous to take four large suitcases. Rear seats can partially recline while the central armrest remains perfectly level. Also available as the seven-seat RX L, giving you even more space.

  • Five-star Safety

    The Lexus RX has been awarded the prestigious Euro NCAP five-star rating. The scores for all the respective tested areas were well above the minimum required to achieve five stars, and rank the Lexus amongst the very safest vehicles in its segment.

  • All Wheel Drive

    The RX features E-FOUR that gives seamless performance and confident traction over rougher terrain. The innovative E-FOUR drivetrain features the addition of a 50 kW electric motor mounted on the rear axle, which provides instant torque on demand.

  • Panoramic Roof

    This large factory-fitted panoramic roof adds a sense of freedom, extra headroom and sunshine to the RX cabin. It is also fitted with a movable glass section at the front to give a true open-air feeling, and an electric sliding blind should the sun become too intense.

  • Full Hybrid technology

    Through the near perfect distribution of its two power sources, the RX 450h provides driving comfort and agility, together with lower emissions and fuel consumption. With Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid you’re always charged, always ready to go.

  • Make It Yours

    With a range of equipment and various options, including F SPORT, you'll be able to build the RX that's perfect for you.


Begin tailoring the RX to your requirements, experiment with colour preferences, or continue onwards to explore features and the gallery.

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From the makers of the first ever luxury SUV, comes the fourth generation RX that draws double-takes wherever it goes. Inside and out, the RX challenges every preconception of what an SUV should be. Step inside to appreciate the craftsmanship and quality, the attention to detail and the pioneering safety technology. Experience the Lexus RX, the SUV like no other.


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