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Sign up to My Lexus on our website or download the Lexus Link App to access all of your vehicle’s essential information in one place, from owner’s manuals to software updates. Manage your car on the go with Lexus Link, book your maintenance appointments and access your cars connected services.

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My Lexus and the Lexus Link App gives you essential vehicle information in just a few clicks. Browse your entire service history details; plan your journey and access owner's manuals and service reminders in one place.

Connect to the future with the Lexus Link mobile app, giving you seamless access to a range of services that save time, money and stress. Connected Cars have access to lots more features and detail’s on your vehicle and how you have been driving.

Connected Cars have access to lots more features and details on your vehicle and how you have been driving. With Connected Cars enjoy features such as Hybrid Coaching**, Find My Car, Driving Analytics**and more.

Connected services are only available on specific cars. To find out if your car has connected car features click here .

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Service reminders: When your car is due a service My Lexus will notify you, so you can always stay on top of your car maintenance.

Owner's manuals: Enjoy immediate access to all the detailed information you need to get the most out of your car.

Configure and save: We know that perfection can't be rushed, so you can configure a car to your exact specification and save it to your account, to view or amend later.

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A range of personal data is registered on your Lexus Multimedia System, the Lexus Link App and in My Lexus, to help provide you with a seamless customer journey. When selling your Lexus, we advise you to remove all personal data from these systems.

We have the answer to all your Connected Services questions.

Driving in a Lexus has never been better, and with Lexus Connected Services the experience becomes even smoother.

  • What are Lexus Connected Services?

    The LexusLink App lets you communicate with your car, wherever you are. You can plan journeys, locate your parked car, and find information on when your car is due to receive maintenance.

    The Hybrid Coaching feature analyses your driving data and recommends ways to improve fuel efficiency when driving.

    LexusLink Multimedia also gives you access to useful information like real-time traffic alerts and speed camera alerts and allow you to search for points of interest in the navigation.

    *for compatible models

  • What is the difference between the LexusLink App and the My Lexus Customer Portal?

    You can use the same login details to access both the LexusLink App and the My Lexus Customer Portal.

    LexusLink App allows you to use the following Connected Services:
    • Find My Car
    • Send-to-Car
    • Last mile guidance
    • Hybrid Coaching
    • Driving Analytics
    • Service Booking
    • Service Reminders
    • Service History

    My Lexus Customer Portal gives you detailed information on your car and allows you to buy and manage services. The following services are available in the portal:

    • Car purchase history, car ownership details, and order tracking
    • Send-to-Car
    • Service Booking
    • Service Reminders
    • Service History
    • Vehicle Information
    • Owner Manual
    • Map Updates
    • Manage profile settings

  • Can I use LexusLink Connected Services in another Lexus?

    The LexusLink App is linked only to the vehicles identification number (VIN) and the owner of the car, so you will only be able to use the connected services attached to that car. You can use LexusLink Multimedia in another Lexus, if it has been activated and is still in the validity period.

  • Can other members of my family use LexusLink Connected Services?

    Now with End User Entitlement, your Lexus vehicle can be added to two different Lexus Link accounts. Account one would be the owner of the vehicle, which allows access to vehicle history and service information. Account two would be for the entitled user; this account has access to all of the other connected features such as Find My Car, Send-to-Car, Hybrid Coaching / Driving Analytics and Last mile guidance.

  • I have a car that should have LexusLink Connected Services available, but I think they are not activated. What should I do?

    Connected Services is comprised of both the LexusLink App and LexusLink Multimedia. Each has its own set of features and both need to be activated separately.

    If you are unsure if your Connected Services are activated, follow these instructions:

    1. Go the LexusLink App.
    2.Click on the wheel icon found in the top right-hand corner of the home screen
    3. Click on ‘Settings’ Choose the ‘Car’ tab. If you see ‘Activate connected services’, your car is not yet activated. Then click activate connected services.

    A quick way to check if your Connected Services have been activated, check if your last trip details are displayed on the home screen of the App.

    To activate Online Navigation Connected Services connect your smartphone with your car, using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tethering.

    1.Click on the ‘Setup’ tab.
    2.Click on the ‘Online’ tab, then the ‘Lexus Online’ tab, and choose an existing account.
    3.Enter your LexusLink credentials. Entering your details will start your 3 years of free service. You can check the expiration date of your LexusLink Multimedia subscription in the My Lexus Customer Portal.
    4.If you do not have an existing account, you can directly create one in your car, by choosing the ‘New Account’ option.

  • How do I change my LexusLink password?

    You can change your password in the LexusLink App by following the below instructions

    1. From the wheel icon, which can be found in the top right-hand corner of the home screen.
    2.Click in the ‘Settings’ menu.
    3.Choose change password and fill in your current and new password. Then confirm the new password, and save.
    4. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one at the login screen, by entering your email address.

  • Are multiple accounts possible?

    No. LexusLink App Connected Services is linked to the vehicles identification number (VIN) and the owner. There can be only one account accessing connected services.

  • Where can I find the version number of the LexusLink App installed on my phone?

    To check the version number on:
    1. Open ‘Settings’,
    2.Go to ‘General’ and ‘Usage’.
    3.Under the ‘Storage’ section, choose the LexusLink App to see the version number.

    1.Open ‘Settings’
    2.Tap ‘Apps & Notifications’.
    3.Go to the list of installed Apps on your device.
    4.On the Apps list screen, select LexusLink App for details on its version number.

    We suggest you turn on automated updates for the LexusLink App as we are continuously adding new features.

  • How can I create an account?

    Create an account directly in the LexusLink App. You will be required to activate your account via an activation email before you can access all of the features on the app. In addition, to use connected services your Lexus centre will need to register you as the owner of the car.

  • How do I activate LexusLink App Connected Services for my car?

    From the home screen, follow these instructions:

    1. Click on the wheel icon, which can be found in the top right-hand corner.
    2.Go to ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Car’ tab.
    3. Click on ‘activate connected services’.
    4. If you receive a message, saying ‘connecting’ you will be able to use connected services after you have made two trips in your car, at a speed greater than 10mph.
    5. If you receive a message, ‘please contact your Lexus centre so they can help you complete the process’ you will have to visit your centre to verify ownership.

  • When can I access LexusLink App Connected Services?

    You can access them at any time. Only when you have switched off the engine, will data transfer to the app so you will be able to view details of your last trip. Mobile data coverage is required to send data, so it may not work underground.

  • I cannot find all my journeys in the LexusLink App. Where can I find them?

    Go to the ‘Services’ dashboard and choose ‘Driving Analytics’ or ‘Hybrid Coaching’ (this depends on your car model). Select the ‘All Trips’ tab to see your previous trips and then click on a trip to access the related driving analytics.

    You can also find details on your last journey on the ‘Home’ dashboard.

  • The Share to Car feature is not working. Destinations are not transferring to my navigation system. How can I set it up?

    1. Enter your LexusLink credentials into the multimedia unit of your car.
    2. Link your multimedia to your vehicle identification number (VIN).


    3. Tether Bluetooth, to connect the car to the internet.
    4. The Share to Car feature will now work.


  • What should I do if I sell my Lexus?

    Remove the car from your LexusLink account. Do not cancel your account, as you may want to add future Lexus cars to the account. Do not forget to inform the new owner of the car that it is equipped with LexusLink App Connected Services.

  • How can I deactivate LexusLink App Connected Services?

    To temporarily deactivate Connected Services turn on Privacy Mode to disable GPS function. To deactivate Connected Services follow these instructions:

    1. On the LexusLink App go to the wheel icon.
    2. Choose ‘Settings’,

    3.Select ‘Car’ tab. From there you can permanently deactivate LexusLink App Connected Services.

  • What is LexusLink Multimedia and what does it have to offer?

    LexusLink Multimedia includes several navigation online services, providing useful real-time information including traffic info and speed cam alerts. These features require the internet to function. You will need to connect your mobile device (using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tethering) or any Wi-Fi device/network to the car. Every new Lexus comes with 3 years of free map updates for the navigation system, as well as other services:

    • Real-Time Traffic
    • Coyote (where available) or Cyclops
    • Google Streetview (where available)
    • Point of Interest
    • Fuel
    • Parking
    • Weather

    For more information, please visit: https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/about-my-lexus/my-lexus-portal/#gallery

  • How much does LexusLink Multimedia cost?

    3 years of LexusLink Multimedia navigation online services are free. After that, you can purchase a subscription. Our map care package includes all of our map updates and related online services, and our service pack includes our online services features. You can purchase a subscription in our e-Store. Check the e-Store in the My Lexus portal for the latest prices.

  • What is the e-Store and where can I find it?

    You can access the e-Store through the multimedia system of your car or in the My Lexus Portal. In the customer portal, you can purchase the services and also check the status of your current subscriptions. When you are logged in to the portal go to the e-Store ‘Purchased’ tab to see which subscriptions are active, and the time remaining on them.

  • How do I create a LexusLink Multimedia account?

    You can use the same login details for both the LexusLink App and My Lexus Portal. If you do not have an account, we recommend you download the app and create one. You can also create an account via the multimedia (you will need to accept the terms of use within 14 days in the My Lexus Portal).

  • How do I activate LexusLink Multimedia and enable Online Navigation Connected Services?

    You can activate it through the multimedia system of your car. Please note that your car has to be connected to the internet, either by Bluetooth tethering, Wi-Fi tethering or even by using the Wi-Fi from your home (if your car is parked within range of it), as the services offered by LexusLink Multimedia are internet-based. For a step-by-step explanation, please follow this link.


    Once connected the 3-year subscription to online-connected services will begin. If you do not follow this process, you will not be able to enjoy those services.

  • How can I set-up a Wi-Fi connection by tethering Wi-Fi in my car?

    Not all new Lexus cars are compatible with Wi-Fi tethering, but all new models are Bluetooth tethering compatible.

    Go to the menu of your multimedia system and press ‘Setup’, then ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘Turn Wi-Fi power on’. Select your network, enter the password and select ‘OK’. When successful you will get a message telling you that the navigation system has successfully connected with the hotspot. You can find a step-by-step guide here: https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/about-my-lexus/my-lexus-portal/#gallery

  • How does Apple CarPlay or Android Auto work?

    To activate Apple CarPlay plug your iOS device into the car’s USB port. On the infotainment unit in the car, click on the ‘menu’ button, and then click on ‘Car Play’.

    To activate on Android download the Android Auto app. Then plug your Android device into the car’s USB port. On the infotainment unit in the car, click on the ‘menu’ button, and then click on ‘Android Auto’.

  • How can I enable Send to Car from the LexusLink App?

    With the Send to Car feature, you can prepare for your journey in advance by searching for directions on your mobile device, and then sending them to your car. You will need a car with in-car navigation features, and a LexusLink account with your car registered to your account.

    To enable this feature, you will need to link your car to your LexusLink account. You can do this in one of two ways:

    1.In your car
    - Activate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tethering
    -Click on ‘Set-Up’ in multimedia.
    -Go to the 'Online' tab, and choose ‘Lexus online’,
    -Select ‘Existing account’.
    -Enter your LexusLink credentials. You then need to go to the LexusLink customer portal. You will have received the message ‘we found a new device ID’. Confirm, and you are all set up.

    2.In App
    - Go to the car menu, choosing the wheels icon.
    - Go to 'Settings', and then in the ‘Car' tab
    - Choose the register a multimedia device option.
    - Follow the instructions in your app and note that you will have to be in your car to finalize the pairing process.

    For more information, please visit our how-to-guide: https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/about-my-lexus/my-lexus-portal/#gallery

  • What is the best way to plan a route?

    You can use the Share to Car feature in the LexusLink App to plan your route. See below.

    1.Go to the ‘Services’ tab.
    2. Choose ‘Share to Car’.
    3. Click on where to, enter the address, and from there you can program a trip with up to nine stops and a final destination by clicking on the ‘+’ button.
    4. Press ‘send to car’.
    5. Once in your car, make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection. The easiest method is to tether Bluetooth to your smartphone. Once you have connected the car to the internet, you can download the journey.
    6. Go to favourite destinations in the multimedia unit, and you will find your pre-planned journey.

    For more information please consult our how-to guides: https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/about-my-lexus/my-lexus-portal/#gallery