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What is a SUV?

The popularity of SUVs has risen in recent years, but what exactly is a SUV vehicle and how does it differ from a crossover?

What is an SUV?

First of all the basics. SUV stands for ‘Sports Utility Vehicle’, a fairly loose term but one that generally refers to stylish, sleek looking vehicles that offer elegant city driving but also handle rugged terrain thanks to a typical 4x4 capability. SUVs can come in any size – small, midsize or large.


Some might argue that the above description could easily apply to a crossover, but there is a difference in the chassis. When you look at a SUV it has a separate body and frame whilst a crossover’s chassis is one single piece. Despite this difference, the names are becoming interchangeable and both types of vehicle are sometimes called 4/4s.


One of the benefits of an SUV is the safety and control it offers the driver. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) helps prevent skidding and ensures stability when going around a curve. The Lexus SUVs also feature next generation safety features such as an advanced ten-airbag system, smart stop technology, Lexus Safety System+, and Lexus Enform Safety Connect.


Many of the latest Lexus SUV models are driven by a Self-Charging Hybrid engine that seamlessly combines petrol and electric power. This means the vehicle charges itself as you drive, providing an interrupted journey without the need to plug into a power source.


We can offer a choice of SUVs that will fit with your needs and lifestyle.


For the driver who enjoys performance and challenging convention, our all new compact SUV, the Lexus UX is built for speed and improved handling with its bold aerodynamic design.

For the best of all worlds, the Lexus NX is a pioneering SUV that offers refined performance and low emissions. Packed with intuitive technology, it enhances the drive with beautifully finished leather, premium acoustics and advanced safety features.

The Lexus RX offers unparalleled comfort, space and luxury. Equipped with the latest Full Hybrid technology, drivers experience seamless performance and confident traction over rougher terrain. The large panoramic sun roof makes journeys even more pleasurable.