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Income Protection is an insurance policy that pays out monthly if you are forced to take an extended break from work due to car accident or medical reasons.

Income Protection covers you for any medical reason (physical or mental, illness or injury), so long as you've been signed off work by a health professional. The idea is to cover part of your income, making sure you'll always have money coming in to cover the cost of those essential outgoings, such a mortgage, rent, the cost of your new Toyota or the monthly finance payment of this vehicle and the ever-increasing cost of living.
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    Scans all the major insurers to find you the best cover which will suit you and your needs.

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    You choose your monthly benefit, deferred period and policy length.

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    It’s important to understand how the different insurance products work and what your needs are before you buy, with online guides, tailored advice, and a team of advisers available to help at any point.


Can you get income protection if you're self-employed or own a small business?

So long as you’re employed in any capacity – whether that’s full-time, part-time or self-employed – you can apply for income protection. But getting covered can be of particular importance to self-employed people because they don’t tend to have sick pay (it's generally only provided by employers). This means time off work for medical reasons can potentially have a quicker financial impact on self-employed people than it would on those who do have sick pay. Income protection can therefore provide a safety net that they'd otherwise be without.

How much does Income Protection cost?

The cost of cover is different per person because it depends on how much cover you buy, how quickly you'd need the policy to start paying out, and how much of a risk you are to insure (based on your age, health and lifestyle).


If we think about life insurance like a safety net, supporting the ones around in the unfortunate event you were to pass away. A life Insurance plan could provide your loved ones with a pay out of a cash sum and to try and keep their lives as financially secure as possible. From keeping the roof over their heads, to paying the ever-increasing bills and to deal with the cost of living crisis, life insurance means you can keep providing the things that really matter even after you're gone.

Is it easy to claim on your Life Insurance policy?

Claiming on a life insurance policy is straightforward – your partner or family simply claim directly with your insurance company. Making sure they know about your policy and have the details in case the worst happens can be helpful.


Anorak is an independent online broker, not an insurer. Being an independent online broker for Life Insurance and Income Protection means that it provides unbiased advice about your future financial liabilities and your needs, then scans the whole market of insurers to recommend the most suitable policies for you.

Anorak is a simple way to learn, compare and buy Life Insurance and Income Protection cover online. It helps you make informed decisions when protecting your family financially. You get instant, tailored advice, quotes from the whole market of insurers, and they will guide you through the process of getting the right cover for you from the comfort of your own home.

We have partnered with Anorak so that we can offer our customers free expert advice from the comfort of their own home. This advice is independent and FCA-regulated.