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Lexus Total Loss Asset Protection is a great way to protect your investment in the unfortunate event that your car is written off.

BENEFITS OF Total Loss Asset Protection

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    Should an unfortunate event occur, get back the full value of what you paid for your car, rather than what it is worth at the point of total loss.

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    Pay upfront or monthly, depending on what is most suitable for your circumstances.

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    With Total Loss Asset Protection, your vehicle is covered if it is written off due to an accident, fire, flood or if your car is stolen.

How Total Loss Asset Protection Works

Outstanding finance, covered

If your car is written off, or stolen, Lexus Total Loss Asset Protection is tailored to bridge the gap between your insurer's pay-out and what you paid for your car, or your outstanding finance. 

Your insurer's pay-out replaces the cost of your car or settles the finance.

Easy, flexible cover

Lexus Total Loss Asset Insurance provides up to £250 as a contribution towards your Motor Insurance Excess≠. It also provides a £300 Total Loss Assistance payment to help with any incidental expenses connected with your total loss‡

It's quick and easy to arrange with one affordable payment upfront or a flexible monthly payment option.


Up to 3 Years’ Cover

The cover is designed for:

  • Vehicles with a net invoice price* of up to £75,000
  • Factory and dealer fitted accessories
  • Up to £3,000 of finance deposit allowance (a discount offered by Lexus Financial Services on certain makes and models from time to time)
  • Unlimited mileage


How do I purchase TLAP Protection?

TLAP is only available to buy through supporting Lexus centres. Subject to T&C's.

Frequently asked questions

No. The owner of the vehicle can take out Total Loss Asset Protection and the vehicle will be covered when driven by other drivers as long as they hold a valid licence to drive the insured vehicle and are legally entitled to drive it.

Yes. The cover is for vehicles used principally in the UK but you are covered in any country that is a member of the European Union at the time of loss, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Croatia and Switzerland.

Yes, you can use your car for work provided it does not involve hire and reward.

Exclusions include but are not limited to, taxi, courier services and private hire. Pace making, racing, speed testing and reliability trials are also excluded.

As soon as possible after the incident resulting in your car being written off, you should contact the administrator of the policy, InsureThat on 0333 0444 702. They will take your details and manage the claim with you. You can also register a claim via their website at: https://lexus.insurethat.com

If your vehicle is declared a total loss within the period of cover and we authorise your claim (including if you are entitled to a replacement vehicle under your motor insurance policy), we will pay you £300 to help cover the extra expenditure associated with being without a vehicle.

This benefit is payable only once under this policy.

Dealer discounts, government grants and/or scrappage schemes; additional items that appear on the purchase invoice (e.g. paintwork protection, cherished number plate transfers, or fuel); New vehicle registration fees; Vehicle Excess Duty; Negative Equity; Modifications made to your vehicle during the period of cover.

For a full list of exclusions, please refer to your policy documentation.

If you sell your car before the end of the policy, and you’ve not made a claim, you can cancel the policy and obtain a pro-rata refund equivalent to the premium for the remaining term of the policy. The remainder of the policy is not transferable to your new car. The policy is not transferable to the new owner of your vehicle.

The start date will always be the date you take delivery of your new car. However, if you wrote your car off in the first year of ownership and received a replacement vehicle from your motor insurer, you could transfer your Total Loss Asset Protection policy to the replacement vehicle, subject to certain conditions.

In this event, you could claim for the product's Motor Insurance Excess Contribution and Total Loss Assistance benefits. Please note however that each of these benefits are only payable once during the policy term.

If your new car is written off within 12 months of purchase, and your motor insurer provides you a replacement vehicle rather than a monetary settlement, your policy can be transferred to the replacement vehicle subject to certain conditions. The policy cannot be transferred to another vehicle in any other circumstance.

You have up to 30 days from the delivery of your car to purchase the cover from your local Lexus Centre.