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Take your driving seat in a world without compromise; welcome to the future of SUVs.


For the lifestyle that has no limits, comes a range of luxury SUVs to finally keep pace. Experience power and efficiency working in perfect synchronicity with Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid across the range, and a wealth of configurable design options – so you really can have it all.

  • UX

    from: £29,900.00

    Explore new horizons with the Lexus UX. Combining the agility of a hatchback and strength of an SUV, the UX is powered by fourth generation Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid technology offering class-leading fuel efficiency with extremely smooth dynamic performance. Innovative technology such as the Panoramic View Monitor is matched by the craftsmanship of a driver-focussed interior. Aerodynamic breakthroughs include a fin on the rear and stepped wheel arch mouldings to improve handling.

    First deliveries early 2019.

    Height 1540mm

    ux front
Width 1840mm

    ux side
Length 4495mm
    Engine 2.0 Litre Hybrid
    Seats 5
    Transmission E-CVT (automatic transmission)
    Drivetrain Front wheel drive / optional E-FOUR All Wheel Drive
  • NX

    from: £34,940.00

    The NX is a pioneering mid-sized crossover SUV that can be configured to match your lifestyle. Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid technology offers refined performance and low emissions. Packed with intuitive technology, the NX enhances your driving experience with beautifully finished leather, premium acoustics and advanced safety features. Aerodynamics are excellent thanks to a near-flat underbody and large rear spoiler. Redesigned door mirrors further enhance stability, handling and fuel efficiency.

    Height 1645mm

    NX front
Width 1845mm

    NX length
Length 4640mm
    Engine 2.5 Litre Hybrid
    Seats 5
    Transmission E-CVT (automatic transmission)
    Luggage compartment capacity Rear seat up- 475 Litres. Down - 1520 Litres
    Drivetrain SE - Front Wheel Drive / All Wheel Drive Luxury, F SPORT & Premier AWD
  • RX

    from: £48,690.00

    The Lexus RX offers unparalleled comfort, space and luxury. Equipped with the latest Full Hybrid technology, configure the vehicle to meet your exact requirements. E-FOUR 4-wheel drive gives seamless performance and confident traction over rougher terrain. The distribution of the two power sources provides driving comfort and agility, together with lower emissions and fuel consumption. Throughout you will find useful features such as Advanced Lane Keeping Assist and a large panoramic sun roof.

    Height 1690mm

    rx front
Width 1895mm

    rx length
Length 4890mm
    Engine 3.45 Litre Hybrid
    Seats 5
    Transmission E-CVT (automatic transmission)
    Luggage compartment capacity Rear Seat Up - 453 litres, Rear Seat Down - 924 litres
    Drivetrain Part-time Four Wheel Drive (E-FOUR)
  • RX L

    from: £50,995.00

    The seven seat RX L is elegant, spacious and dynamic. Extra cargo capability comes with a precision designed cabin and innovative technology. Elegantly blacked out C pillars create a floating-roof effect, L shaped LED taillights wrap into the rear fenders and the signature Lexus spindle grille is a striking focal point. Every passenger can look forward to a comfortable drive with smart features such as the tri zone climate control system.

    Height 1700mm

    rx l front
Width 1895mm

    rx l length
Length 5000mm
    Engine 3.45 Litre Hybrid
    Seats 7
    Transmission E-CVT (automatic transmission)
    Luggage compartment capacity Rear Seat Up - 495 litres, Rear Seat Down - 966 litres
    Drivetrain Part-time Four Wheel Drive (E-FOUR)

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